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Newlaod William Langworthy Baker Henry William Devlin Hugh
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submersion or to depression of temperature or to struggling but
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animal were not good and these factors undoubtedly hastened death.
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were welcomed by the society two of them being honored by vice
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tion showed the urethra without a trace of stricture or injur eighteen
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are important and governing circumstances. It is certain that few
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anesthesia and examined microscopically. All three were similar
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quently as the result of repeated attacks of lymphangitis.
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or farcy and actinomycosis had many features in common
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suggestion and sent for Dr. D. He examined careftilly into my
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well written. The language is plain clear and intel
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tion as the powers of digeftion continue to ftrengthen their
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areal determinations of the normal foot when not subjected to body
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tissue the level is sufficient to provide tonic inhibition o
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Springfield reported cases in which fecal fistulas follow
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associate a high nitrogen excretion with extreme liver injury without
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As soon as the inflammation is removed the wound is treated in
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approximates the amount of surface furnished and in common
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or the month as the case may be to the particular ward to
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tendency in that direction to cause its administrator to proceed
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Alopecia. Mr. Hunt shewed an example of complete recover after
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School at the time and for those entitled to apply for the degree.
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have the benefit of internal secretion. It may be pos
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before he went sick. Since reaching England has been

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