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has been set up, the characteristic broken stumps will still indicate the

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patchy distribution, its seat, its transitory nature, the absence of all dis-

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prone to night terrors are timidity, shyness, and self-consciousness.

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be used at times to remove grease. When cleansing the

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affection ; and it is confirmed by my own experience of one striking case. It

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and less offensive measures. For this purpose ung. hydrarg. ammon.

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of a scholar engaged in deciphering manuscripts. " A few seconds after

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1883.— 39. Walker, Norman. Brit. Journ. Derm. Deo. 1897.— 40. Wilks. Trans.

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strong enough ; and, in order to increase its keratolytic action, caustic

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alcohol, in spite of the future disadvantages of loss of money, of health,

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Christianity, and few things more conducive to it than the terrorism,

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common, though in many cases microscopic section of the part is necessary

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vals, with every tenth line accentuated. Type or draw

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except of course in organic disease of the nerve itself.

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internal coat, as in the endarteritis obliterans of syphilis, the results of

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Ewart, C T. ; Kovalevski ; Pilgrim ; Pinckney ; Teeter, J. N. ; Toderski ; and

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be described, it is none the less harrowing in that it stretches forth from

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to as much as 1 \ inches. This, which I can readily believe, serves to

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(for example, vomiting or morbid changes in the urine). In several

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iron, arsenic, sound wine in moderation, cod-liver oil, and so forth — is

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In women, hirsuties is often associated with disorder of the genital organs,

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of mental disease. Where general consciousness is clouded, or where the

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meet not the naked eye ; and are only seen in the eye of the

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" After they (the lesions) were big enough to attract my attention (mere

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Derm. Congresses, Vienna, 1893, p. 505. — 8. Idem. Atlas of Diseases of the Shin,

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now used in the sense merely of " severe," which, whether correct or not, is

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modest woman yields to the importunities of her lover, she does so

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some, a soft ointment containing sulphur prec. 20 gr., acid, salicyl. 20 gr.,

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a physician who held his head above his professional com-

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Under the title " Erythema elevatum diutinum " Dr. Radcliffe Crocker

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produced by narcotics is not physiologically identical with normal sleep ;

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face, and instantly they appeared to lose all control of themselves,

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be avoided. Soaking for half an hour in a warm bath (95° to 100° F.),

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watch glasses or other containers. Counterbalanced scoops made

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pustules and boils sometimes arise. The skin may remain red or brownly

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the contrary, such airs as that of the Upper Engadine often reduce sleep,

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view). Thesis, Paris, Dec. 1898. — 9. Burot, Charrin, etc. La presse mSdicale,

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