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inating from that area, usually have a sinister significance.

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Monday, February 11th : New York Academy of Medicine

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moduretic prescribing information

the facial roots do not decussate. The so-called crossed

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ambient air revealed pH 7.50, P A C0 2 26, and P A 0 2 47.

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character and culture. Each teacher seems to realize that sound scholar-

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the amount eaten before the symptoms of loco became evident.

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nett, in his Introductory Lecture to the Physiology

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&c. gaining access. In a short time a quantity of clear yellow

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wipe her face. She was quite desirous of getting rid of

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upon, the muscles, or loose fragments removed, and the bones

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on the same basis as the other physical symptoms which accompanied

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When one considers the enormous amount of attention that has

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taken collectively, in speaking, reading, coughing, etc.— toxic

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disease. The patient, whom we expected to die yesterday, was

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raised along the outer border of the sole so as to throw the weight

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the right kidney, tending to displace its superior pole

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portant thing in such habits is the strict maintenance of a system,

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were both below the average size ; the capsules were

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serous surfaces were involved together, though many

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or irregularity of the bowels, and offensive fermented stools ;

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practitioners as to the value of narcotics in the treatment of the

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telling thee who thou art, who we all are, giving thee

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two varieties of such stomatitis ; an ery thematopultaceous and an ulcerative.

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axillae feel no pressure, and the body rests on the peri-

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disappears. This is caused by (1) the lamp burning out, or an

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2dly. That jius is capable of producinn; such irritation when detained in con-

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case at this age scurvy should always come first into the mind of the

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(0.) Metodi operativi dell' epicanto congenito. Gior. d.

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its Place and its Power in Uterine Therapeutics, by Dr. George T. Har-

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