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in which positive results are indicative of the presence of hog
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the recognition of antecedent syphilis determined the
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the form ot loops the ends of which were separated and emerged about
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Protection. Protection consists in making all exposures to tlw
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pleasing to me to find that many of the main points advocated in
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to occur. During the eourse of treatment there are no
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high proportion of recoveries and Dr. Thumam concludes that
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ship which blinds to faults arid condones offences is
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internal anthrax of which there are pulmonary and intestinal forms.
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there ever discovered even a shred of his clothing. The insurance companies
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pre de testicule describes the discharge of the substance of the
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M. J. Lichty said that without care one might diagnose this condi
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graduallv these accounts become introduced into the annals of
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Uliatioa of a harsh commandant and a malicious ser
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their struggles with some difficult case. He would go to one put
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changes in the liver atelectasis and compensatory emphysema of the lungs
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Chairman of the Building Committee of the new Western Hospital
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of authority issued by the Department of Narcotic Drug
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One hundred of these cases claimed or thought the condition
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malities of the iris is the abnormal position of the pupil corec
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pathogenic organisms. The exact conditions under which saprophytic
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July th a committee of visitors be appointed to make arrangements
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all proved to be chronic bronchitis and in no way calculated
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weaken in place of strengthening the already deficient acid secretion.
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permeability of the kidneys. As the sources of these poisons he
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phantiasis lymph scrotum urinary fistula tubercular si
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of investigation are not conclusive but they are strongly suggestive.
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removed along with the tube and ovary on that side. The
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slightly reddened base and once formed do not increase in size.
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tion. Histological examination showed a prickle cell epithelioma of very

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