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ment of the hospital based on precise data and skilled know

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I now declare the ninety ninth annual meeting of the Medical Society of

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by a heavy dark band but toward the outer epicardial half it became

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pretended to cure. In modern times this superstition

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Heads of Departments to enter any course under their super

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to this test which he also finds of value in differential diagnosis and

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measni cd c.c it was well borne. After this operation had been

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to the poorhouse that the true nature of his injury was dis

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skilhul and reputabh physicianH having the conlitience of

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in active evolution viz. increased proliferation with the production of newly

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aft r he Ijej an to complain of indefmite pains in the

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segmenting stage as it is when they are in the young hyalin

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severe. There may be burning internal heat with cold skin and

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a spray is one composed of tincture of benzoin compound wine

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Serous Apoplexy was known to the ancients this disease

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wards went abroad to seek his fortune. We note with pleasure

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A test of the sensibility undertaken on November th showed that

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them slightly bent some club shaped often irregularly seamed. With the

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ovenness the persistence of traumatism at its inner side the

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gmmltaneons presence of bile and pancreatic juice in the duo

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exudate must have been as shown by the large pieces of

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clothes of the patient bed linen etc. many instances have been recorded

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and we desire to point out at the outset that these experi

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of oxygen consumed but to increase in undue proportion one

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first colored with bile but soon followed by watery stools that contain

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tions that resemble the exanthems of measles scarlet fever erythema

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frequent during cold seasons and among sheep which are

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destruction is often not recognizable by the eye or

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by mercury. This says M. Andral was one of the most beautiful

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bend the body forwards and to pass in locomotion from a walking

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and therefore very properly at once.admitted him. When I saw him

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