to a large number of distinct skin affections (such as eczema, etc.), and
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vations on antipyrin — with this difference, however, that his investiga-
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surrounding tissues or to distant parts of the body. The most successful
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also must be measured in a minim glass. The glasses must be washed
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the part played by the blood-vessels in inflammation, and while our
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lence either- before or on gaining access to the body, and will then be
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der the impression that there will be a superabundance unless this is
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tenor of some articles in the periodical press, it is impossible to foresee
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lutely or relatively harmless to animals when injected in pure cultures
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a rule some connection between the occurrence of rel?.psing fever and
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temperature rises rapidly ; there is often a more or less severe rigor, the
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enzymes, such as pepsin and invertin, we must carefully distinguish be-
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of an acquired immunity must be due to reactive virtues acquired by
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and glands offer excellent examples of tissues which undergo atrophy
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19, 1895. — 11. Medico-Chirurg. Trans, vol. xli. — 12. Bowlby in St. Bartholomeio's
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the severity pursuing an increasing or climacteric course, and the patient
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the commercial emporium ; and yet, as I understand, they do not have
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Finally in 1841 plague left Europe by its Eastern gate, Constanti-
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the micrococcus lanceolatus was found in the spinal and cerebral exuda-
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disease peculiarly of the Eastern Mediterranean, and thus acquired
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disease resulted from the inoculation of the cultivated organisms in the
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constipation exists, salicylate of magnesium (50-100 grains daily) has
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avoided, or very sparingly allowed with one meal and well diluted.
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most successful when the patients were freely desquamating, when the
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be incomplete, and a fatty debris left behind, which may eventually
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snow is apt to produce catarrh, but if the snow remain on the ground
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stead of amusing people by describing streets, houses, and furaitore of
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restored by the fresh air, by dashing cold water on their bodies, or by
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unacquainted with the exact relation of these forms to each other, it
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Diagnosis. — The maladies which most closely resemble cholera are
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the one pathological state may be distinguished from the other. The

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