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of treatment at one of the best of our native spas or of the Con-

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one hundred and twenty-ninth day, he died suddenly,

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patient is labouring, and such history of the case as

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tissue. They are especially common in the skin and subcutaneous oon>

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ohermeieri. Carter and Koch in 1878 showed that the infection may

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Arscnite of Copper. — Tliis comparatively new drug is most

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then placed in a separate glass tube, and the mouths of

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forming the tricuspid valve were welded together just as those

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all in good health. The patient was a married man, and the father of three

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heterophoria, is the first and most urgent duty of the

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and if they sometimes succeed, it is because the malady gets cured

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We have left ourselves but little space to notice M. Urbain

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speaker in the intcrvalH of u lecturing tour lost all the increafie

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pected to treat patients who can obtain cuiequate advice

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may apparently be in the same position, tilting of the pelvis may

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Archibald Inglis, M.D. Secretary: James Simson, M.D.

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1. Hebra, F. ATcute Easantheme vmd Eautkrankheiten. Erlangen, 1860 ; Transla-

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lation. Now the treatment by quinine seems to anticipate, and to

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DEDUCTIBLE — There is a $25 deductible each calendar year for each covered mem-

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by cultures whether or not the Loeffler bacillus is present, cannot be

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surgerv, that a friend of mine had a polypus removed several years ago,

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geneous substance similar to that demonstrated years ago by

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Some Finaucial Statistics of Interest. — The rela-

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tion, it is recommended not to syringe the ear, but to allow the powder

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when applications can be made as desired, and without

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the child passes the vulva, frequently averts the threatened

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ou facilitent la dissemination du gerine." We imagine the sufferer

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usual proportion died. To follow this case in its ramifications

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in any parliamentary discussion of the Medical Acts : doubts, particularly,

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drachms of tincture of belladonna, which is either dropped upon the hernial

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lungs ; and they expect you to say that there can be no disease in

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would be as unjust as for them to be weighed by his steelyards. They

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Eighteen patients with cerebral palsy who underwent

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practice in the management of this stage of labour. Many Fellows took

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thirty to forty days between attacks. The mother has never noted

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its length is cut off, and a loop of strong thread is passed

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— Dr. L. E. Russell in the Eclectic Medical J 02irnal

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head of every movement which has for its object the eradication and

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