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September 11 — ^Teeth are well-adjusted in the splint and are in

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or may continue the form of a purposive act in which, perchance, it

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of the mouth, with convulsions which are also more partial and less

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If in acute cystitis relief be not obtained in from twenty-four to forty-

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even to complete suppression, as in the class of cases referred to by

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its appearance in this country. After a full and fair trial of mercu-

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he is rapidly fattening. Discharge of pus about an ounce in twenty-

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nally and the articulation opened, but the joint was not otherwise

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fimg of the second left bicuspid, passed upward through the side of

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perihepatitis, and the tabulated liver is as suggestive of syphilis as the

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associated with pericarditis. It is probable that the occurrence of pneu-

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bronchus is either hypertrophied or atrophied, the two conditions not

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TREATMENT. In the treatment of acute myocarditis it is essential to

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the part of the larynx in which the phlegmonous inflammation is espe-

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cases buttermilk, koumiss, or matzoon may be advantageously substituted

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the swelling, which is pronounced, develops rapidly, and is accompanied

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