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In concluding this report we are desirous of expressing our thanks to

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chamber and ciliary body together with the bacteriology of the con

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The onset may be marked by a slight temporary rise of tempera

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Dr. Means who administered the chloroform in the pre

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upwards and inwards across the internal condyle. At the point where the

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treatment the book is convenient otherwise it is of little

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easily cleaned. The patient should lie flat on her back with the pelvis

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adherent to the bladder as far as the top of the fundus

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the herbs may be boiled until their strength is obtained and the

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there any indications of loss of power in the hind extremities. Diarrhoea

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through at the scrotal base the tunica vaginalis is exposed and extended

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the red corpuscles and thereby generates that chlorotic state

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at first appears to be very simple and of minor impor

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diets McCollum says that only those diets which produce feces of a

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were no signs of general dropsy the paleness coldness and weak

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These physical considerations lead us to expect that there can not be

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prepare for operation the hair was shaved and the skin disinfected o er

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On the same principle it is rational to presume that

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a hand mirror is recommended to those who have not at their

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six weeks when twenty six years old. During the last

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ditions in which the peritoneal cavity has to be opened

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in Danville because third party candidates were not

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