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gastrojejunostomy according to Billroth s second method. The
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hMrfM failed to cure at the lagcestion of Sir William Fcrguxson who
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get easier and often with a paroxysm of coughing relief is obtained and
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standing. He had had a cancer removed from his lip six
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of the carbohydrate previously tolerated. This may be regarded
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most severe forms of ptyalism of the acute variety exfoliation of the
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of the solution varying thus it has to be freshly made
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Fig. shows that CaCl in concentrations up to m does not alter
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Eighteen cases fall in the third and fourth groups. Ilic
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with viscid and tinged expectoration much pain or soreness of the chest or
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be used and note results as to the merits of each. The present
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of plenty of pure air would not be interfered with. After
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rejected as injurious and some of them as most swift and
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Each year the Student Council sponsors an intramural athletic pro
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alkaline waters are serviceable as the soda preparations Vichy or the
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connected with each other in some cases however the
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phthisical chest slight dullness or impaired resonance over
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character of the disease begins to declare itself by the mixed
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remedy as it not only breaks up the fever but also arrests the
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the cow had come was traced up and every animal was
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extent their great u.sefulneps and the very important
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County Medical Society at its organization September .
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entwicklung in der Leber bei der cyanotiscben Cirrhose.
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One or two of the lesions appeared to have formed round a
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continued for a long period if care be taken not to push
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two chapters to diseases known to be infectious in which the organ
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feeling. With this in view an earnest effort was made to find
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lands abounding in diuretic or resinous plants or water
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room of feet radius to be used as a waiting room for the
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uniformly unsuccessful. It was now believed that the
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pelves from a damming back of the secretion. The urinary changes
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the purpose of doing honor to the memory of Dr. Joseph O Dwyer.

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