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unknown but on this theory only can its subsequent epidemic development be explained.

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liars as a watermillion is o meat. Some of us is born liars

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disease in the dog. Cornbattre la rage e ed privenir Phydrophobie.

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equally ignorant with themselves are under a belief

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in the Medical College of Cincinnati Ohio from which he graduated with

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in a proper manner and shall make such disposal of them from

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I am not much of a fundamentalist because a fundamentalist puts

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nic affection of the stomach and viscera forms tlie great characte

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equable pressure of the abdomen is useful in preventing hyper distension

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bility for damages from an explosion which I would have

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P de se em geral on excepcionalmente dizer que houve estupro

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From Whitesburg Landing we drove the twelve miles to

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with milk through an oesophagus tube passed through the mouth

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suspected serum within twenty four hours as it has been found that

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tobacco juice or wasted in expectoration from smoking espe

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in the mucous membrane of the papilla of the renal pelvis

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original copy available for filming. Features of this

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as possible in order that a programme may be prepared and pub

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of which were mononuclear. Cultures from the nasopharyngeal washings

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disease of the piney wood and sand localities occurring less in clay

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lin and upon my return home carried out his method with suc

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such investigations are given. The chapter on diseases of the accessory

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which had been previously emitted. He stated that mahgnant

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In cool or cold weather the canisters should be worn under a

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originated in the United States. The first creamery was built in

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mineralogy and geology special botany zoology and com

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to a dog caused vomiting great agony and death in twenty

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is discoverable such as local oedema bulging or tender

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objectives hitherto made and there is neither focal dif

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eminently a close observer of diseases very familiar with all their fea

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diagnosis had been clearly brought out by the previous

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cessively seeking to preserve their health by emetics and clysters.

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being sustained between that degree and the degree of

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as the discharges from the bowels proved were assimilat

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than has hitherto been possible. The fractions that may be measured

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A.M. Associate Professor of Biology Brown University Bacteriologist

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