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tating and annoying acrid discharge from the nostrils. He claimed

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per cent of sufficient strength. Three or four drops of this mixture

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an astringent. The patients repeated the injections to times

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unable to procure a lens which w aa concavo cylindrical on ose

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portion of the spinal cord gradually develops which bends toward the

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lower lumbar vertebrae are very limited from being fixed to

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certain un named sterile solutions of pancreatin pre

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Governor and consists of nine members three of whom are homeopaths.

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ofoilof tuipentine shaken up with milk. For the lung

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Tilbury Fox and the staphylococcic pustular peripilar impetigo of Bockhart.

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hours. In case the ventricular rate remained slowed for twenty

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ch lt pneumonia in which it was sometimes difficult to

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but the application of a periodic series of induction shocks at ap

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chloridi for convulsions morphine bromides or chloral the

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cremation in which he drew attention to the danger of the spread

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Koch s that disease germs can be cultivated outside the body

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slightly rigid. The second lumbar puncture did not reveal meningococci but

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tunately it was threaded and Mr. Wheeler passing the

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ment according to the streets and houses in which the deceased

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DilTerential Diagaosia. A calcareons plate lying on the intima of the

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rams with cutaneous ecchymoses and numerous petechite pointed to

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right side reaching from the ear to the middle third

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stethescope and even experienced practitioners are about as liable to

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In the case of those animals which remain on the snow

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The appetite is impaired and capricious in most cases carbohydrates

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auscultating the heart pauses were noted after e ery third or fourth

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which like the immediately preceding one is partly prac

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it may still be possible in some cases to close it with success.

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antitoxine within three months of the time of beginning treatment

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