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stance bring about capillary obstructions. These embnlies may
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farther forward in the lower types. A possible exception might
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an error of refraction by this method he would have to
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the eye diseases treated and in more than one half of this
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One who would spend time in making this humble anodyne and prophylactic generally
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charge of a Surgeon or Surgeon Major and each battery under
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thesia to a moderate degree should be first produced. The form of
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was sure it had gone through me for my left leg became
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Few have studied treating nicotine dependent psychiatric
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Mr. Jessop s daughter then in the house had been stricken
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light whofe properties are not fo well inveftigated as to be
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vinced himself of the existence of tadpoles in the eggs laid
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and during which consequently we may suppose that a cure has
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with only slight shiverings the heat scarcely above the Jyoui
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believe that the formation of these membranes coincides almost
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moment s notice on the immediate issue of instructions
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domesticated animals have been in progress here for about four
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relations of the parts and partly on innervation for
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suspected serum within twenty four hours as it has been found that
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successive crops appear at intervals of from one to four days
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action. I have overcome this difficulty and the spilling of the
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dence was divided into five regions Long Island the rest
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the affected lung completely immobile. Distress or pain during the
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lithotrity on four patients. We shall publish an account of these cases
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Many drugs are mentioned in the treatment of this disease among
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forty five fatal cases referred to above only eleven occurred in males. Under
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Probably in those cases in which a large number of hairs fall out
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Seriously though I think that Dr. Henderson is right about

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