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surface and other mild measures to lessen the temperature when this is
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Pancreas are found to be hard fcirrhous and often corrupted
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termined. No primary lesion has ever been observed and the
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III. Chart illustrating Dr. Ord s Paper on Baths in
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exception of some slight fits till March when falling into a
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derson E. Case representing a rare accident in con
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character in which certain pathological conditions are found post mor
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on the bone at right angles to its long axis for the
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person not rendered prejudiced by mechanical mania can fail to
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removal. These new growths were not true tumours but chronic
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correspondent of the Medical Press draws a very long
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were attacked. The disease occurs in youth and the tendency to the
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tial element in that tripartite morbid state to which reference has
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induce the retrograde motions of animal vejjels and the m
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when the bill comes due. Unless the expenses are to be con
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localities not situated near large bodies of water and least
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experiment describes the preventive measures as follows
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Under the head of new business the question of a larger mem
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different times. It depends on the progress of the epizootic
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by the mesentery to the right side of the spinal column and
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constantly occur in the types of infectious diseases. One year a

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