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time afterwards the purgative is not to be omitted and upon no account

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financial considerations. I doubt that this dilemma can be entirely resolved

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The presentation of the fundamentals of general therapeutics

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severe pain in the right side two days after confinement. The

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health of the patient is concerned as demonstrated by

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who seemed to have been freed from all her alarming symptoms when she

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In the following pages are reviewed some of the most recent

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nique and succeeding suppuration and contraction by

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Enlarged tonsils sometimes press upon the guttural extremity of the

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disease hazards. This is due no doubt to the much greater definite

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ing out the necessity of differentiating the organic

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accident. As well say that the sportsman landing a giant

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ration of the placenta and traumatism during some obstetric

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to purulent foci in other parts of the patient s body.

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