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Dr. Younes Bakri took this winter scene photograph in

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that ten months ago he walked painfully for a few days, he had

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found that from 20 to 40 grains of nitrate of silver alternating

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prior to. during, or alter therapy. It may be taken with milk or fruit luices Be-

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decades ; thf)ugh there arc instances on record in which the subjects

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vividness, being especially marked in febrile exacerbations, and it is gene-

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Derm. u. Syph.) — 6. Caspary. "Anatomie des Lichen ruber," Vierteljahrschr. f.

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ance ; hence it is called the waxy liver ; and by the Germans, from

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indication than a merely intermittent pulse. It is observed

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Pathology. — Primary carcinoma of the liver appears under three

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after blood was drawn from them for guinea-pig injections.

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is usually kept so busy at home that he is hardly likely to spend any of

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tongue very white, or of an orange hue ; and, where

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a U. S. Naval officer to join the faculty at the University of Virginia School

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