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" He experienced no special symptoms after it, and at

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Rasori, under the name of peripneumony, — it being impossible to discriminate these diflereit

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A peculiar stifl'uess in the muscles of the face and neck was often an

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this accessory aid to the circulation is rendered negligible.

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thesis. For the purpose of keeping up chemic synthesis he

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not satisfactorily made out. Coarse crepitation over left scapula.

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tions, but remaining oven after these inflammations have terminated. In the

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matism change (as it will in a year or two) and the

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Zoonomia. Edinburgh Dispensatory, do. improved and cor-

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down to the typical pin-head ; stupor was unmistakable ; res-

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ment to duty. S. 0. 207, A. G. O.. September 3, 1884.

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member of my mother-in-law's family was down with diphthe-

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and Tripier, of Lyons, has collected a large number of these cases.

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in oxygen. The slowing of the heart's action depends, first on

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this moment excites very considerable attention, viz. the

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Mr. Chandler White's sickness, in 1856, the ship Jane H.

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lung of white cream-like deposits of the size and form of

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another in tne cat, we shall say dorsal when we mean it ;

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sensation or motion during his illness, which lasted fourteen weeks.

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hypenemia, inflammatory oedema and proliferation of its connective-

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Such lived from one to two days longer than the un-

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the vein, cannot be removed by treatment. It does not disappear until the

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the progress of recovery, there was no evidence of the slightest laryngeal

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& Otol., St. Louis, 1890, v, 1027. . Lenses for the stu<ly

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Army Intelligence.— 6>/^c/aZ List of Changes in the Sta-

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tends to give rise. The retained fluid may undergo decomposition.

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It is very common with yoimg people when they are becoming adults,

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cause subglottic swelling ; the urgent symptoms of this might be relieved by

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purpura are not common in the trojiics, though we have seen cases.

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The hip, or coxa, is liable to great variety of form; in this

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"Sibson: Be.vnolds: S.vstem of Medicine, 1877, Vol. iv, p. 188.

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iitteutl. d. k. deiitscli. Gsndbtsanites, Berl., 1883, vii, 101. —

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switching from dilantin to keppra

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continued deprivation of fresh food; the quality of the fresh-

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course of the attack. Bacteriological examinations are necessary. Special

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accompanies the disease. Laycock, indeed, emphasises the embonpoint of

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in forming a judgment. The following case was communicated to me

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great variety of prescriptions. I am compelled to say concerning all

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motions of the intestines were very feeble: When the experiment was repeated in other dogit

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