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i December liii h, aged seventy years, was born In Goffstown, and
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indication of disease of the petrous bone. It may fairly be inferred that
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from that of the State Let their interests be conserved
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adducted. This movement brings the vessels nearer the sur-
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from Dr. Gairdner. " Syphilis plays an important part in
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life ; and, for more obvious reasons, limiting this notice
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for teaching. Come early and attend regularly. For further particulars and
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they seemed so utterly adventitious. So Hahn" states that skeletal
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Clarke, Dr. J. Lockhart, report of a case of incomplete hemiplegia of the right side,
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at 100° in vacuo over sulfuric acid the substance lost its water and
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well cooked, and in sufficient variety and quantity. He
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56. Franke, Felix: Ueber Chronische Influenza, Beihefte zur med. Klin.,
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apparent in his general condition to cause or correspond with the danger-
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effect upon the course of the disease has as yet been noted, except in
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Jessett, F. B. Cancer of the mouth, tongue, and ali-
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made ; but in some cases the guesser professed inabil-
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irregular thickening of the cortical layer at the outer aspect of the upper third
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(g) Entrance of Infective Agent into the Body. — Probably
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during which time very little occurred worth recording, except
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and Professor of Physiology in the University of Durham.
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Bartholow and others. Given by the stomach a remedy may be
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political history of the Class of Ninety-eight, if I would avoid inter-
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1907 b.— Beobachtungen iiber die Malaria der Pferde ( Piroplasmose). Uebersetzt
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suspended colloidal precipitate of barium phosphotungstate coagulated suddenly
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thrombosis are the actual dangers, and on these accounts immediate
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diagnosis was epilepsy, and he had been taking large doses of bromide
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lieved the sphincter yields, and the excess of urine comes away, forming
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plotted upon a map of the district according to their place of
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there was one devoted entirely to antenatal therapeutics, and it was
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physician's directions. The daily visits are continued as long
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1 o'clock and clinical medicine, which is almost entirely taught in the
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ceps, but before extraction could be safely effected
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usually with much difficulty, and the uterus was fastened by
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least bone material of some sort, every day or two, and
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medlcTnil proprrtlei. It la furnlibed at a lowpr priee Ibin anj Mmller
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of the sanatorium near Valencia erected bv national
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three thousand dollars for the purpose of paying for such cattle as may be exposed
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4. LoGerfo FW, Coffman JD: Vascular and microvascular disease of the foot in

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