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regulations. Relieved from duty at the Immigration Depot,

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shall the investigator receive for his work? In certain

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is recognized only too late to prevent serious ill-

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later held the position of professor of chemistry and materia

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titioner, and is more easily made after than before

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an estimated population of 15,075,011, for the week ending

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Louis A. Weigel, M.D., of Rochester, N. Y., President.

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In discussion — Dii. Jacoisi said there was a rapid

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should furnish a most vulnerable storehouse for its

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like intra-muscular septa, its toughness, its broad

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1-16 t.i. d., and the iodide of potassium in increas-

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operation, but by a recognition of the value of out-

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Acute cases as a rule reacted with small doses more

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the urine was made, and tubercle bacilli were eventu-

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time itching ; the color was bright red ; there was an

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treatment of each disease is first described with the

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through many years, and points out that other forms

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trance, although still on a stronger modified milk, she had

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Physicians in rejecting the report of the Committee

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creasing jaundice and enlargement of the liver, with

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consideration, is an inquii-y into the practical value

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An infection by a paratyi)hoi<l bacillus is a pos-

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