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ing central not orthogonal projections such as anthro

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Withering s four volume work on Botany is well worthy of a place

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experience and craniotomy would be preferred by many who were

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considerable effusion of fluid in the cavity of the pleura and that

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authors of those periods. Among these was a passage

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Each centimetre divided into ten parts called millimetres.

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tuberculosis viz. the experimental. Only after ha ing shown how the

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Friday the st inst. There were ten candidates of whom two Dr.

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Many others contributed to this consummation and deserve

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mucus and middle coats and extending part way or entirely

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and a recent infection is almost never anything but a fever.

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neath the latter proposed a vote of thanks seconded by Sir

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OSe starch a small amount of resin and a very small

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be alive. The time for operating is when the first stage of

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was fifty seven years of age at the time of his death. He

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Under alopecia areata are comprehended at least five classes of cases

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to the varying flora of the human respiratory tract in different

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But muscular exertion wherever it exists is due to nervous influ

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Bromide of potassium chloral hydrate and opium with its component

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after its removal from the body so that its influence is

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tage of any one specialty ignores the intricate and necessary

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big ugly fact looming in the near future. It is difficult

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the nineteenth he showed delirium and a vesicle appeared

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now epidemic that they represent. Let us look at these

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More much more might be said as to the articles alluded to but

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uterine relaxation. In hospital practice the urine was

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the back where it passes through into the third division. In

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accustom himself to dispense as far as possible with

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compares the relief to the kidney tension after incision of the capsule

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