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of Chrisholm a girl of three years who had drunk of the milk

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measurements predominated over the other an approximate evaluation

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culation. The aorta possesses more strength but their

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the lower part of the semi lunar ganglion and sends branches to the

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mon with scarlatinal naso pharyngeal diphtheritis. The

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the external sphincter. Barney explains this phenom

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one great effort. With svich small doses as or milligrammes a

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which though resembling the diphtheria bacillus differ from it not only

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analogous to those of Paris in suggesting three fold

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they were applied. The first that we learn of the application

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as amino acids but the principle involved is covered if

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in Paris. Moreover from information furnished by the Department

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These three classes of course merge into one another. Yithin

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often seen in wet preparations may be distinguished by

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mer was born in Middleboro Mass. September st. At an

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those beyond twenty or twenty five but we have had several cases

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danger from over use of antipyretics did not exist now how

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was held. The meeting was attended by about fifty veterinarians

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The dysmenorrhoea associated with fibroid tumours of the uterus may

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contoured body about micromillimeters in diameter often possessing

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the histories shows the extremes of existence of the symptoms

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