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ring, but nevertheless he wore it ; and, when rallied

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made its appearance the duration until the death of

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■iolic liquor. With respect to economy, alcohol, if it

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on doing so, di-aw public attention to the subject, he

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life in their relation to each other, as well as the

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whether it cannot make itself a more useful, a more

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dangerous to the child ; the chUd was stillborn, and

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valve lesions, and with the dilatation which \v;is consecutive to the

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the di-ug prepared by Gale, Baker, and Waide, cb-ug-

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was admitted into hospital during .f'ie whole of that

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that the normal relation to the heart is changed. In this way the

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shows 8, the partridge 9.17, and the weight rises through the scale,

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this indication, that purgative is best adapted which

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X (page 10), which says : " If any person whose life

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passing. On the following night, he had no sleep on

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sands. It is, therefore, clear to my mind that sta-

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Tibbits, Herbert, L.R.C.P.I.ond., Charterhouse Square

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Cjesar Hawkins to visit the Royal College of Physi-

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specific poison has been imported into a country. In

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tion (Friday and Satm-day, August 4th and 5th, 1865.)

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and errs in accordance with the teachings of physio-

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Shields and Westoe Dispensary, in the room of David Ross, M.D.

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As a fitting sequel to tliis case, counsel appeai-ed

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library, where lectiu-es are frequently delivered in an

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act, the opinion given by the law officers of the crown

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left lung ; none elsewhere, nor anything resembling

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Igraui; distiUeii waler, 5 'iracbms. Dissolve tliorutu/lilif wiiii ibe

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miners, took his seat at the Board on Tuesday last,

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friends having been about her, nor of the fact of the

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silver, etc., is the application of potassa fusa by

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quent repetition of attacks is explained by the liberation of these

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The manner in which the Association assented to Dr.

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the platinum, shine thus visibly forth, ultra-red rays

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ampullary aneurysm of the aorta; Ekelund a case of endocarditis

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ten per cent, of the cases of diabetes, Mayer and Saundby in thirteen

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6. The Practice of Medicine. By Thomas H. Tanner, M.D., F.L.S.

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of water is very Ught, and this will enable her to float

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finding was verified by culture. There was no pneumonia. Thus

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calls upon the profession for anything like gratuitous

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down without expressing the gratification I feel at

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of dilatation. This stage is indicated, as stated, by the signs of weak-

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the great value of the adoption of sanitary measures,

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reference, or to study the subject in the same com-

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