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Her general condition on admission was fair. Tlie right
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diagnosis and prognosis. We think it necessary to preface
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thickness of the gastric wall. The wound was plumed lightly
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they do not return after extirpation. This holds espe
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its presence the exclusion of the suprarcnals from the circulation
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and their walls modified by the inflammation have become blended with
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feet high and surmounted either by a single large peltate
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Take the following as one among the many instances of its
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size and is sometimes absent giving to the nasal cavity
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ways to CMtfirm the resolta whidi Dr. McQore has obtained.
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this disease. Larger doses are required also than in ordinary inter
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The past year does not furnish evidence of any striking novelty in
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the tumours disappeared and the patient is alive and well more than
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collateral venous circulation noted. In both flanks
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abscess the lij s of which were ragged and indurated.
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boy who suffered from the disease with symptoms of headache and pains
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will appear wavy and confused in particular sectors of
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there were not more or earlier relapses after salicylate
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friends occasionally and then you haven t got the bother of looking after
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of Epsom College. The free scholarships are four in number tenable
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using a strong solution of salicylic acid or resorcin in collodion or by
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most egregious mistakes in diagnosticating between diseases of the
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appearanees only that most people depend upon why will tills
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tlie plot and insisting upon obtaining the results of the
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Frankl Hochwart speaking more particularly of the adult forms is

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