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foreign trade, note being made at the time whether the samples are for one or the

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fragments. It is seen to take place actively only when the fragments

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making paraffin sections which do not differ in any

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of the intracellular Rickettsia.i®>^® It is rapidly ex-

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and partial response in one. In the one instance of

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the trends of Council policy is of concern to all who

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just visible, slightly larger than pin-points, bluish-white, translucent

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and whitewash. An employee was sweeping the floor during the visit of the committee.

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Brown, John J Fulton Gish, Rutledge Fulton Rusk, Earl McD

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for flushing were all right; but sufficient care Is not taken to keep them clean, and the

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a program and proposal for public relations work to the

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tdiies (ir ill mines is (piite piissilile at very liiiili temperatures if the air

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obtain removal permits more promptly, the Department of Health has

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determinations were all normal. The electrocardiogram

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That any person, firm, or corporation, or any agent or employee of any person, firm,

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1827 McGee St. Laboratory Apparatus— Chemicals Kansas City 8, Mo.

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normochromic anemia; platelets were normal. Urinaly-

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when anythinj.' oeeiivs to distnrli the normal eoiirse of fat iiu'tabclism. as.

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Microscopic examination of the organs showed a great increase in the

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Serum from Rabbit 422, immunized to edestin having a titer of 1-2000.

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G. J., a 44 year old white male, was admitted to the

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cellular activity in the control cultures. This has not been found to

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time of election. In other words, if one can be sure of the diagnosis of these

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quently occluded by infected thrombi. An exudate consisting of fibrin,

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face iiiarkins.'s coirespondint; to the various convolutions of the cerctirum

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