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rapid progress in public favor over here, but Dr. Steavenson, of

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islature, at its last session, passed a law forbidding the

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The present condition shows an otherwise healthy negro,

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slowly destroyed by the continued escape of blood, or by repeated attacks of

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30th, the Chemist and Druggist says : " Cumm-seeds at

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" It has been my privilege to act with a number of examiners

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as not to be responsible, but the jury convicted her of the murder. Un-

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destroying this action in the system. Although it had

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reverent acclaim prayed for protection from such bloody

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comparatively short time. Both cattle and horses eat AragaUus

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there is constipation, we may order enemata of tbree parts of water to

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has seen a case in a child fourteen years of age, and

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On February 19 a fresh serum-diagnosis v^s made and proved

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case is brought forward by Dr. Smith as a specimen of the extent to

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but indirectly, through the changes in habits and modes of life imposed

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M. Magitot did not share M. Championniere's opinion re-

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are considerably less, being 21.44 per cent less in the case of Arkansas,

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frog's heart almost instantaneously, and prevent it from ever beating again

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The physical examination in a typical case of atrophic cirrhosis reveals

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out. The cut surface is perfectly smooth and the substance is friable

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ice water, first cocainizing the fauces and administering

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lating the secretions of the bronchial glands. He has for

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belladonna, to be taken at bed-time ; so soon as this

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lying close to the perichondrium, and on the right side, in a correspond-

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treatment consisting of the administration of purgatives and sulphuric acid

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