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glycuresis," should be considered as a condition of
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land ; and wherever it is found, from Abyssinia and the Chinese
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tions were not interfered with by the artificial pneu-
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thickened and the lungs are crippled by the resulting
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the structure the physicist himself is erecting. He
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York, and has abundantly proved its usefulness. In-
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re-established. While taking the conium, she used the injections
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tion. — At the annual meeting of the Philadelphia
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the organ, but the fact that the lesion is bilateral
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vi'eight 129 pounds. Eager to leave city to take up
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the ureteric orifices continued; and that the tone of
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In the treatment of noli me tangere, the author recommends
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ing, telephone operating, massage, and other indus-
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marks or other preexisting linear lesions, including :
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any bad sequelae except my first patient, and even with this lad
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large hospitals with all of the professional facilities
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up, and, when you ask this patient if he will be good enough to
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prostate, after lithotrity ; four, with protracted sufferings in con-
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many opportunities for the systematic study of these
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history of syphilis and no evidence whatever of that
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intensity and extent. .\t the beginning it is scarcely
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kind of mosquito to be dealt with and its life habits
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-ite of scratch marks or other injuries to the skin is
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the resources of the hosjjital are ta.xed to the utmost.
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due to the elasticity of the skin tending to reestab-
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Wood, M.D., Director of the Pathological Department,
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depends on permitting the mercurial morbid action completely
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matively, provided that the necessary transportation
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not sufficiently supported by the profession. Within my own ex-
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of the needle that hurt the patient. The only thing
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normal size and did not contain the usual amount of
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