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of the remarkable work in sanitation and preventive

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changes of diet, especially from dry to green food, or

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cold, applied to the outside of the joint by means of

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cure. This is far preferable to filling her system with

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rials, be forwarded without delay. Let there be the welcome oppor-

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always be milked last, so that the milker will not carry

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viscera- — with or without stasis — are patients for the

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edly " open ether," the popularity of which is every day

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struction, instead of being ascending, as is normally

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will each contain. One drop of a pure tincture (say, for instance,

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the spread of Texas fever," but it is safer to put a

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Dr. 6. FRANK. Palmer, Na 1609 Chestnut St, Philadelphia.

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compelled to use artificial substitutes, ^^ but are recommended by the first sur.

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dropped to 120. There was a definite area of tenderness and

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though not showing any evidence of malignancy to the

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affected, animals often will eat apparently from force of

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time gained the complete confidence of the boy, and had no

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Saturate with olive oil. This brings the vermin to the

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Several weeks must be allowed for recovery after the

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January 10, 1866, at Howard's Grove Hospifal. By Hunter

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ments as it thinks necessary to carry on the work of the Ordinary Meetings

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institution with Coluiubia University was rejected.

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oil." If the abscess is in the vicinitj^ of large blood-

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crowded stables predispose animals to pneumonia. True

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imbibe the facts and principles of natural science in the art of

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jected to ozone in large quantities, the symptoms produced, at a

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unscientific propagandists seeking to curtail their

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