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that have elapsed, the bone is found completely covered, and the space
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no calculus was found in the kidney, but a calculus the size and
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calcareous ninsses are found in the sputum. These indicate
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arises from omphalitis ; b, that which is produced by
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Digest off actions— State Committee of Public Health
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those observed in tertian and quartan ague. As in these types, pig-
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rious other societies. On leaving the City Hospital January 1, 1887, Dr.
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LOTSIE is a compound of Thymol-Acetanilide, re-crystallized and purified by an
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jjemia, and by some to septicaemia or pyaemia {vide page 78). The urine,
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from June, 1911, to April, 1912. On Dec. 4, 1911, Pellagrin 145 moved
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estimate the wealth of nerve fibers in the end organs them-
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persistent emplopuent of chloroform throughout tlie Ori-
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One of the Infectious Fevers. — Pneumonia and typhoid fever
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the microscopic characters of sarcoma is of grave prognostic
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and the result is a volume which we would not willingly part
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Again, percussion of the abdomen is fertile of information in
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with fibrous changes in the uterus. In these cases there is always a
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hydrate solution to secure the time of maximum appearance of the
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breaking down ; B, area of epithelioid cells ; C, C, giant cells ; D, D, remains of
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