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extent that there seems to be left only the capsule of the

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ing from chronic endocarditis with mitral stenosis and insuflicieney and tricuspid

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can be practised and the results are very satisfactory. If the

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unusually resonant and amphoric breathing with the bruit d airain coin

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degenerations fre. uently come on in the later Stages when dilatation of

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subsequent evils the diseased foot was amputated I th Dec

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For the following account of Milk Sickness or Sick Stomach

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shakes it furiously around always without barking or growling.

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sembling the mark in a seven years old horse. The hole is

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Medical Corps of the Army at present consists of commissioned medical officers

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themselves as from the more thorough and systematic treatment

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is often very distinct as it is hairless while the surround

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suppurate after a long time. Physical signs The patient

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cough was doubtless largely responsible. Errors of diet and want

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of lime water filtered water enough to make one quart.

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as a means of clinical diagnosis. If the blood serum of an animal

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flux would arise first and then the fever would follow perhaps

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the cranial nerves especially those of the midbrain

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the facts of science in learning our profession not only be

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alveolar arch in early life may be the source of much deformity

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School.Nitley Food and its Relation to Active Work. July

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Slight degrees are common in abnormal positions while occasionally

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weight and strength and thinks he is at the point of death

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percussion note is better but everywhere expiration is some

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I shall make no attempt to describe the phenomena of

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creased thirst. It is for these symptoms occasionally that relief is sought.

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If the sprained joint does not come under observation

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would be common in gunshot contusions of the skull in consequence of

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It is not possible to establish anything new and valuable in regard

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manganate of potash and the urethral wound left to heal without

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differently associated in the livers of tubercular patients.

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If however the closing should be delayed the edges could be

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measures at dir cimm.itnl vi dl l gt e admitted to tlu military

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sometimes exists as a temporary state when the contractile

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orange or piece of bread and butter with a cup of warm drink

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fined with sick animals. The period of incubation among cattle

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the houses persons mountains etc. are all so different yet

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