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steady traction on the foot. Then the os having be-
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asked me to repeat the dose. To persons risiting warm climates it will
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fever declined, the strength improved, and the coaigh
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blood, or by a combination of these two causes. Semmola's
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exists no kidney malady in which the danger of deceiving oneself
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of feces disposal have been installed in every home. It there-
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on board ; twenty-five fatal terminations took place in
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impetigo contagiosa from a clinical standpoint. Eti-
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why union does not take place. A hemorrhagic diathesis and an
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occur in the liver of animals dead of inoculation with the bacilli themselves,
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plus Ohio or Illinois ; or nearly equal to New York, Pennsylvania,
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Drastic — A medicine which moves the bowels harshly.
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it remarked, is always the first step in the organizing process. The
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material placed in a clear, simple, and attractive style to refresh
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II. The Skcond Group of Conx, the Micuouacteuia. — "We have
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treatment she got relief on the fourth day after the attack, but the
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which presents the tyjpical appearance of the glaucomatous or
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AVe almost always tind a more or less extensive infiltration of
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expect " the olive to grow on the craggy summit of Ben Nevis, or the pine-
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than has been the custom in the past. For this purpose the end-
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calculus which w^as removed from the common duct, also a faceted
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the stomach or the head. Should it constipate the bowels, proper
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One-sixth grain of morphin (0.01 gram) was subcutaneously in-
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of poison, even of the most virulent kind, the process to be adopted, or
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sumption of midnight oil or your waste of gas ? True, you are
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University of Montreal Faculty of Medicine (Canada).
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ns to individualize, but only quantitatively ; for the very essence
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doses employed were from three to six grains repeated from three to five
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appears to be the cause of the local disease, it may be advisable
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field of vision. A 5 c.c. glass tonsil syringe containing
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cough, with scanty, white, and frothy expectoration.
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of the extreme prevalence of phlebitis among his patients, been obliged
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lumbar vertebral canal in lumbar canal stenosis. Spine 1981; 6:381-387
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who will lie iililc to attend llie nieclin^s of the ANHociiition.
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the matter in the "Index Medicus." *' Jahresberichi
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stop the conduction of motor impulses and cause paralysis of the diaphragm.
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Dr. H. Walter Evans, Dean Sherwood R. Mercer, Pres. Frederic H. Barth.
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that the appreciation of the exact distance of near objects is an original and not
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cleanliness of the injured part, and that it be put in as thoroughly
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