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various articles in the room. Whether suspended in the air or dried on

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for other conditions, such as malarial fever, mountain fever, etc., while

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Tubercle bacilli have been found upon the nasal lining and skin of healthy

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water at the temperature best suited for the patient and careful attention to

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practice. I was consulted by a man, aged thirty, who had

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pulse and temperature remain high, the patient suffers from severe headache

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definite conclusion as to the utility of, and indications for, lumbar puncture.

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in older children and adults. In fact it would appear that in the majority of

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oughly studied as that of variola, but the investigations of Pohl-Pincus (1882),

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a higher morbidity from this disease than indoor vocations.

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sarily arise from the irritation of certain nerve centres, and,

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accounts of epidemics in Italy during the latter half of this century are

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salt is given again." Mahomed, 1884, "It has been ascer-

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tonization is impaired, the albuminoid is absorbed in some

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upset ambition, loyalty, and contentment, and that it is

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over seventy in 84 per cent. ; in those who died over seventy,

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after death; and in other cases during life endocarditis has been detected.

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infected raw surfaces with gauze and corrosive sublimate

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In one of these meetings, several years ago, Dr. Curtis

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<;orpuscles, in from one to five weeks. Circulatory depress-

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somewhat deeper into the gelatine. It forms in this way a small funnel-

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establishes perfect concert of action of the whole Catholic

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It is to be noted that the mortality in the cases complicated by jaundice is

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being voided, the less trouble there is with retention.

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i![)l)er part is put in the pail, while the lower, smooth and

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There is congestion and oedema, with areas of necrosis and the presence of

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coccal angina. Acute rheumatism, infectious osteomyelitis, and obscure

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6 of acute purulent pleuritis. The effusion may occur at any time but seems

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at the least sound, and lie on the side, this being most comfortable on account

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five persons suffering from tropical dysentery, a bacillus which they con-

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The nuclei are swollen, more vesicular, and the clumping of chromatin in

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been associated with influenza. Though it is probable that influenza bacilli

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quently found in cultures from the nose. This organism is shorter and

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of a patient with well-marked smallpox, often brought to light the fact that

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acid were the sole cause of rheumatism and its rapid accumu-

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Inspection of risks. — Fraudulent transactions in this busi-

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individuals suffering from mild and unrecognized attacks. Fig. 31 shows the

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phagocytosis does not prove fully that these substances are of any importance

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crease in temperature; or (d) to tissue destruction. Alterations in function,

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