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aid iliidlesex there is no payment. In the city of London there is a

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the general tone of the speeches was interesting, and the

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like attacks, render it probable that the cause is gall stones in

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every year the enormous number of over 4,800 young lives have

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the parties took place on February 9th and 10th, and were

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Transactions of the Academy of Medicine in Ireland. Vol. lo. 1892.

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typhoid fever. Prompt measures for isolating the patients

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danger in this direction, and advice was heeded, too, in a very surprising

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The operation alluded to consists, it is needless to say. in

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proaching the term of its labours. A great deal of evidence

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place like Agra, two hundred European residents sliould

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position, lowering, as it practically does, the fee paid to less

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tion, through an order in Council in February, 1892, that he

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Amendment proposed, to leave out from the word " That, " to the

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cially at the edges, with corresponding gap in perimetric

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who break their recognisances, men who, under the influence

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physiology, and we can only obtain an adequate idea of mor-

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criterion; adeps lanse, which is a mixture of eholesterin

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law to sell methylated spirits between the hours ot 10 p.m. on

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occasions not Uhat but Uha. It appears thus, in fact, as if we merely had

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Mellish, St. Georges Hospital ; H. R. Miller, Guy's Hospital ; A H.

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quently. Haemorrhage of an alarming character often oc-

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Medicine in the University of Rome; Dr. Giuseppe Cerutti,

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Dr. Rose Beadfoed cited a case where a similar result

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cigarette smoker, who was attacked one morning by head-

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professoriate on the governing body of the University, and

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Much as the complexion specialist loves notoriety, it would

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form of it which has long ago been shown by Lancereaux to

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Applications, endorfed "Hospital Medical Officer," to Edw. Wright,

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