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Surely the study here jjresented shows that the pros-

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13. Simpson, R. J. S. : Journal of the Royal Army Med-

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July 11th to August 28th. She was sent back to the country

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come in spite of the continued presence of the bacil-

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health, a horse takes from twelve to fifteen iuspiratious

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and granulations were forming in the exposed portions. In both

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In the autumn of last year it fell to my lot to treat in

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Fig. 3. — These are photographic reproductions of water colored

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The 8lnal Bihle. By Howard Tewasond, M. B. Albany, New York. From the Aathor.

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She received great benefit, and has now been for several years free

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suggested, to the actual poisonous action of the oxalic acid circulating

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trouble yourself, my friend, about me," and presently added some-

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is the free use of the lancet and the scaiificator, before any evi-

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Urine. — L. Bauzil (Paris medical. October 5, 1918)

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vaccine to be used as a preventive for certain types

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much illness prevented, and serious complications rhiza comp. was used occasionally, however, the

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and gait. In a third form the cerebral cortex is the monary syphilis. It may also furnish an indication

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These diseases are usually found in regions where hogs

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nated. Medicinal treatment is of little value. Exer-

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posterior nerve roots. He considered that in a condition of

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to be seen easily by the naked eye, but thej^ are often

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source of failure in the operation in children ; or he places it too

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A soaking -tub is made by cutting off about one foot

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be divided into three groups. In the first, compris-

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with the same difficulty. His experience was the same as

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and he mentions that a decigramme of the sulphate given to a doff,

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the other hand, there are excellent results obtained by

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The Journal will be published on the first of each moAtb.

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paid yearly to the General Secretary in consideration of tlie fact that the

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four hours the mother reported '^ she had been better ever since she

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sheep, 2 drams ; pigs and dogs, % to 1 dram. Dilute

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retically its spread should be preventable and prac-

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on the scene of the accident. After supplying first

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of this energy to terrestrial forces, and to vegetable and animal life."

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matters, in which both methods are applicable, differ

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