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every chance of living, and will develop as well as one

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•called in French, will have had sufficient time for calm reflec-

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solution stains the characteristic granulations most distinctly, im-

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direct intoxication from them. The general interpretation is that these

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ity for one year prior to admission, but the exciting

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"ledirecteur adjt. au laboratoire "adjunct director of M, Pas-

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Nor was this confined to any particular part of the city, or class of

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less pain than the torture of a limb, for the most vital parts are not the

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present, it is likely to continue until the general health is improved.

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its sensory distrilnition » ganglion of a posterir roof is

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nurse, and did get out of bed and ran about her room

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cinal and healing power, which is so extremely different in

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tion by a vote in the affirmative, and finally referred to the

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siderable amount of investigation has been quietly going on.

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year to this country, and submitting themselves to an examina-

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-&c so that she could never be deceived.' Some time after the trial she

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sustained in his progress, by established laws or principles, finds new

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day (July 1) by the same disease. — At Vicksburg, La. Dr. Bodley.

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by means of all suitable cardiac tonics, especially. by

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mer occasions and in larger doses, it had never been my

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In the acute cases, after the bladder has been emptied, an

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a child than in an adult, and the chances of success will be in

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alternate hemiplegia ; the face being affected on the same side as the

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together, and were secured by means of the interrupted suture and

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thenia. Some of the exciting causes of mucous colic

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certain definite consequences which follow upon the development of the

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ITie torn fibrous structures upon the anterior aspect of

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to state, that with the exception of a few collegians whom we

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our State and local medical societies have appointed

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not in a single one of the above cases did in water. So that if a stool, immediately

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Robert Bentley, late Emeritus Professor of Botany in King's

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diagram I show reproduces certain phases of weather condition in

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affections of the upper air-tracts with the rheumatic and

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characteristic. Kaposi says the pathological physiognomy is completed

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tip practice and had made arrangements to retire. Always a great

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sores. The after treatment consists in the application of electricity and

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Climatological Association ; Corresponding Member of

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at a quarter past one o'clock, after being shot whilst on duty. The

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or at least suffer severely while doing bo. \'hen they go to bed, or

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tedious form, let the patient use long-continued warm baths, and apply

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53. Allen, F. M. : Boston Med. and Surg. Jour., 1915, clxxii, 241 ; New

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mer, 1852, consented to take the Professorship of Surgery in the Miami

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