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show normal auscultation and normal chest x rays. i

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and hepatic colic. Her appetite digestion and nervous system has suf

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this so when treating of the movements of the living body and

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taux February th enters very fully into the r e of the

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guent would remain upon the skin a small portion being

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France and America. We possess however little knowledge concerning the

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lent in solipeds throughout the entire United States. The ave

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the writer s observation have had the line of fissure run

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static electrolyzer before inserting it in the rectum.

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reawakening of interest in the lives of some of the I

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on that astigmatism often becomes very troublesome especially astig

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stegomyia mosquito. And third that after about twelve

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to be a periosteitis but a radiogram showed the bone

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A series of patients with well advanced pulmonary tuberculosis gave

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curable. It is undisputed that tuberculous ulcers may heal but it

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of hen s dung or half a handful of pigeon s dung and

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author s experiments show that they increase intestinal irritability.

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that school was the most famous in England. He became a

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generally the lateral and lower than the median and upper

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examined ten hours after death while the exterior of the

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high vascular tension to which the indolent and overfed are

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were only very sliohtly tender on deep palpation. She was

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Dr. Stowell said that steam inhalations in his prac

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It is stated by Laache and Lussana that in pernicious ansemia

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limited activity tolerance frequent exacerbations and

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The fact that two of the subjects who had definite papular erup

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yesteryear is now drawing to a close. As the Sealing Day approaches

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