Intravenous Diltiazem

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of these variations, and with the sources whence they arise.

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the nape of the neck. If these fail, we should not be too timid about

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whose direction is not always the same. Sometimes they form an

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continues to produce contagion, and how long he should be isolated.

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fifteen leeches to the perinaeum. Cold applications are also service-

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upwards and outwards and was surrounded by yellow granular

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often finds one or two cells in a series of slides crammed with

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giosus, exanthemate proprio ac eminenti systematis nervosi passione

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surface of the thigh, and, as the motor filaments of the obturator sup-

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times the flexor muscles, sometimes the extensors, are the most con-

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generation of the fatty mucous lining begins immediately after ces-

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other. I heartily agree with JETasse, that, though hysteria is often

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joints are changed in this way. Frequently only the first joint of the

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attacked by the disease. On the other hand, I only know of two

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risk cannot be entirely eliminated in the case of vaginal

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pneumococcus. In America, last year, a series of successful

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the gland, or whether scrofulous glands affect the quality of the blood

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convulsions indicate that the tumor is near the cortical substance

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and Lochore, in the " kingdom of Fife," was born in Edinburgh

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then arise, may likewise be met with now. The condition of the

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spine. The facial muscles almost invariably escape the general

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in very small doses, afterward in larger ones, until slight signs of

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likely to take in practical therapeutics, sufficient evidence is

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conclusively that these micro-organisms vary in each host ;

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dated from the accident, I thought it desirable to evacuate the blood by

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of very general application. This phenomenon, which is often,

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one who is still under treatment. In this case, a boy, aged

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does not depend exclusively upon the use of salt food, and want of

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results either from the disease itself, generally not from a gradually

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jects, that it becomes as large as a walnut. The surrounding con-

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in recovery seem to have done so spontaneously. We can do little

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pain for some time before he came into hospital was to walk

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of the blood, such as may be caused by choleraic diarrhoea

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much more frequently attacked than the cervical enlargement,

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has recorded a case of a patient with general tuberculosis, in

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the cerebral nerves, again of the cerebro-spinal, at others of both. These

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abscess which run their course without any symptoms except the inju-

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In chronic infarction, the uterus is often enlarged to three or

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and primary syphilitic ulcer must be directed mainly against the con-

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