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tion ; they necessarily incur the risk of exciting the envy of many

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(separation) of the great toe."' I have seen this feature,

detrol la side effects weight gain

cases of epilepsy, presents the greatest possible difficulty.

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sometimes it is preceded, during several hours, and during one

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profession, and ssperially to students; if the latter wish

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per kilo of body weight be injected immediately after the inoculation,

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the bowels, oozing through cracks in the skin, or from a general invlgor-

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et de Bath. His brain was then in such a condition that the

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In 1832 cholera prevailed in France, and within the year caused 120,000

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teresting account of the Serpent Mound of Ohio ; poems are

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Hypokalemia may develop, especially with brisk diuresis, when severe cirrhosis is

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on board ship during the voyage from the west coast of Africa. It is

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and the nerve detached from its centre undergo this change ; the same change

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(3) Faeio-Scapulo- Humeral Type (Landouzy-D&jerine). — This disease

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that form of paralysis called wrist-drop, and of the Ibrm of neuralgia known.

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neither occasion were any spermatozoa detected in the fluid removed. In a

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local disease in another, could only be attributed to the

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selected during the time when the pigs are with the sow. If he is

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tion. In this ca-se, the body retained its sweetness

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Steinheil glasses were ordered for reading. These glasses consist of solid cones

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any movement in connection with homoeopathy coming from the

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June 3, by Dr. Clifford AUbutt, on the prevention of typhus by

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ahnieutaire.-i. Ann. d hyg., Par., 1883,3. s., x, 226-233.

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which a sero purulent fluid ex .des, and dries into

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The next thing that calls for our atrenrion is the meteorologi-

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found from a study of over twenty thousand autopsies that this con-

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guarantee of its purity. Dr. Little stated that he had injected one-fourth

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tion" as if it were about on a par with bronchitis or diarrhea^ or,

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up by exploratory incision and actual depression al-

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1. Anatomy, with a Steel Engraving of the Human Skeleton, back and front

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cal departments of the medical schools. This would provide much

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cular and strumous subjects, not only to deposit uric acid and

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tom or sides. It cannot be said that when there is no such expecto-

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appeared, remains red and raw, and continues to discharge a

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duration than the sum of two normal pulses. (See Fig. 79 from Mackenzie.)

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malignant disease, doughy motions which yield to the finger, a

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peculiar in its appearance. A quantitative analysis was made for choleste-

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addressing any one who is familiar with this plan, but it is one

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ing a chronic affection of the stomach six weeks prior to

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There has been much written lately about the double

side effect from detrol

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