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adjoining countries of Bosnia and Russia, the Zigi-

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phylactic in jineumonia, measles, streptococcic sore

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or proctitis must be relieved also if a permanent re-

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instead of regarding the superficial symptoms solely,

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at intervals, the progress and improvement of ortho-

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applied to different varieties of it by English writers. It is best dis-

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complete to warrant a positive statement of our mortality, but

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portance, especially absence from school, until all

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stuporous, breathed very shallowly, had the typical

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ther susceptibility to these affections created. The

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small river just mentioned ; they are erected partly on a magnesian

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within a short distance of the springs on the one side, and clay-slate

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and the vegetative nervous svstem. .\r\ understand-

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JOHN P. SHARER, M. D., Little Falls, Herkimer County.

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meant enactments which fail to fulfill their purpose, through

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giving us prompt information as to cases of this disease.

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greatly dilated, postmontane floor of urethra trabeculated like ruts

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by no means an infrequent occurrence, and from the struggles it

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necessary part of the disease considered clinically

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however limited in extent it may be. Of this nature are the neuralgic complaints

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On the thirteenth day she left the hospital, as she

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childhood disease ; i. e., that it is acquired in child-

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of inferior service in the home ; and the poor boards

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pyrites in the vicinity of Petoragur and Goseragong, and at the village

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Art. XI The History of a very extraordinary and unusually

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years. I only want to know why those thirteen children died from

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la direction du Dr. A. Dli-age. Secretaires de la redac-

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first anodyne, because by that time the original dis-

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stitutioiial reaction, and a localizing predilection for

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general staff, and directed hospitalization and evacuation

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finally, to look between the lines. In this way they

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"4th. That supposing the patient to escape all those un-

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successive development of the moral and intellectual powers.

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establish with certitude that hygienic conditions do

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difficult to make the first cut with them, as from the narrowness

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