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parasites had increased to twice the size but numerically

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Typho malarial fever acceptance of the term by army medical officers.

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of various highly approved antiseptics all of which

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beat the composition in a marble mortar till it is reduc

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devised without success some remedial mode that has no physical

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unfoimded. Dr. Braxton Plicks we believe did injure his

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which does some damage to the lung by producing excavation

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practised by English surgeons. Mr. Wood dwelt at some

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science by Frenchmen between and the end of the eighteenth

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cuufes a Glaucoma if the C yjtallint a Cataracl if the Aqueous

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to which attention was first drawn by John Hunter in his

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of prolonged continued fevers of irregular type both as re

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obstruction still presents a great variety in its causes and

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cases occurred in the immediate vicinity of this locality which pre

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waa produced by castor oil which he took in the oomrnencement leaving

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this he is supported by Dr. Brunton. Knowing the action of

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greatly increased by the want of laundrywomen. The Com

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bleeding ceased he became white and his lips blue and pallid and

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The disease is not unfrequently produced by small pox CauMs.

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tened to the thigh just above the knee by the methods

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glaucoma in which tension has never been high enough to cause

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harm is done by instrumental delivery than by prolonged labor.

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had pictured very faithfully the dis gt sters throughout

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is connected with a disturbance of the senses. The distinction I

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claimed by conscripts and has been regarded as good

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a cure for disease should be left to those who have been

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and the wild oats he sowed for a time so industriously

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quantity or if absorbed it as naturally follows that the improve

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foniaation m electro therapeutical treatment at St. Thomas s Hospital Electr.

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and this rapidly undoes any good that may have been

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sule while on the other hand a round celled sarcoma is

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killed be assigned to the total number it appears that

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tion is brought on. He then is required to stand still till that

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