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in the destructive influence on each class of people as pointed out accord-

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having been ascertained, and the patient placed in a proper posi-

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unravelling the mystery of epilepsy, removed one of the opjyro-

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respect] By the time these questions are all answered, I think we

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and huge tomes that contradict and repeal one another," because they can cram

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competent to decide, not having heard the evidence upon either side.

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by chemical processes so long, complicated, and delicate as to

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Functions of Insects," we make the following quotation from Draper's

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Dr. Todd instituted a series of experiments in his hospital for the

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application is but slightly modified. A little partial we opine. The

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accounted for 17 out of the 31 deaths. The others were due to

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the action of the heart and respiratory muscles almost instant-

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all is still ! I irritate the toe in vain. I wait in vain for recovery

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most success. In cases in which the head occupies the right iliac

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The difficulty of diagnosing these seemingly trivial

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lines. In two days the sutures were tightened, at which time not

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keeping the blades upon the tumor, which difficulty was

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from the fact that it neither causes nausea, nor acts on the bowels. It

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M. A. Bourdel, Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of Mont-

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capillaries — through which Carpenter, however, says the

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vided it is not at once removed, as it generally is, in adults but

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tion. In by far the greater number of cases this feeling lasts but

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it could scarcely have been supposed possible. This, however,

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The train of argument, in support of his proposition, Is re-

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rapidly. Instead of anchylosis the mobility of the joint was

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iv. ; ext. conii., gr. iij., in two pills at bed-time. Other remedies were

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sequelae the most hopeless is cavernous sinus throm-

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continued for several hours, when the pain returned severely. A

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since performed by Michaux, of Louvain, Maisonneuve of Paris,

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disclose any disease. But now, upon a more careful digital

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Sub-con junctival dislocations are easily dealt with by

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third of sternum. Its growth, which was gradual, was accompa-

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thus far have had no reason to believe that there was anything

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past. Are they true, and should they prevail as prognostic and

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nism for a long time. But if I continue to repeat the excitation,

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