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We find, therefore, hemiplegia, hemianesthesia, and aphasia. If the em-
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cian, or if she is in a hosfiital where aid can be ren-
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entirely, with the exception of a small place behind the great trochanter, where pressure
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were compiled from after-action reports, historical re-
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sides. The primary swelling here described illustrates the imme-
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who presents 2-3 days after symptoms of severe chest pain -
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author reports three illustrative cases, in which he
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the end of eighteen hours the filtrate, which came through the filter
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purposes is an index of the shape of the brain," is only half a
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protocols of the post-mortem room. It is easy to overlook pneumonia
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speak of a goodly company of boys they have already
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Dr. Hunt : As typhoid fever has become very common in this part of
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Dr. Davis had hopes would have spontaneously occurred.
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Obermeier's discovery has been verified by numerous observers, and the
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do it through drinking. A man is certainly responsible
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disease in cattle is rare. In autopsies on sheep a slight congestion
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November, 46. Why is it that the greatest number jof
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nnter dem Jodoformgazeverband. Arch. f. klin. Clilr.
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requested of him. I really trust he has been more ac-
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■naal(J.C.) Eeu geval van luxatio bulbi. Feestbundel
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case with small-pox, measles, &c. and if we admit
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and matted together; but the substance of the nerves at their
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become a tertiary sex character ; and it must be recognized that the
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both the heroin and the chloretone reduce the reflex irritability of the nerve
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considerable size, and finally assumed the elongated,
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*' Species i. Phlogofu. — 2. Ofjlthalmia. — 3. Phrenitis. — 4. Cy-
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the view that hyperadrenalism is present, and that when pi-esent it excites
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thus causing emboli, around which abscesses form. We
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scopically we get absorption bands of methaemoglobin and more rarely
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in feeding and inoculation that the infective and uniform
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for a confirmation of it by a necropsy, and hence no
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more than local interest, and we trust the report will meet
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in causing dechlorination. Theobromin is a renal diuretic, which re-
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have been added to the extensive bibliographic back-
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conimoune welth servit, and verteu ineressit — of the quhilk
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scapula oegophony. Temperature, 100^ F. ; pulse, 100.
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in this man's case were covered with an extremely thick and liard epidermis, and
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Royal Infirmary. The Jacksonian Prize Essay for the year 1864. Bvo.

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