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about antitoxins except from their specific actions. They are found in the

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plications came under Carini's notice from the lymph examined, though

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infections; that is to say, with the diseases that result from infections with

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occur in sufficient quantities free in nature. Human tetanus, it is true, has

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travenously increase the blood pressure; they may be repeated at intervals

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In some patients the pulmonary symptoms may suggest tuberculosis.

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As we must know the significance of disease in its relation

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water at the temperature best suited for the patient and careful attention to

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pression was an arrest of the circulation and consequent

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and hemorrhages upon the serous membranes and the walls of bowel are

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physical characteristics and the course, duration and prognosis of the disease.

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have come under the observation of the directors of our

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After the identity of the disease was established there were many theories

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after year, and this was the more remarkable when we con-

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is offered for their growth and entrance into the circulation.

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a diet as can be taken. Thirst can be quenched with lemonade, barley-

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cultures on artificial media. However, decided progress has been made in

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tered pus, containing small masses of cells, led to the formation of embolic

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An entirely new departure in treatment has been made by Albert Robin,

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At a recent medical club meeting where a paper had been

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Blisters reflexly stimulate the nerve centres in menin-

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only endowment insurance. The recent studies and reports of

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physician have a personal and extensive knowledge of the disease. The

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his calling, is perhaps the greatest tribute to his

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has been demonstrated, as in one of the author's cases, in the secretion of the

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sion that the reports on the cholera epidemics before 1817 are not trust-

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80 per cent. die. The vaccination should be practiced

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The treatment of lacerated wounds by means of a stream

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not anatomical and pathological, and it will remain

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Showing a marked drop after a tub bath early in the disease. The temperature was normal

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more vesicular. Numerous nuclear figures are found in them In the spleen

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applied all over the lungs, front and back, to the number of twenty or thirty.

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buboes; glands in the chain or glands with the primary bubo, infected by

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upon with suspicion. Normal urine should give no reaction

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