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tions in the text. Several of the coloured plates in the

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are really hypnotized at a distance from the operator and without

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it in this country. There is no more necessity for a scavenger to

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If the surface alone is to be examined the proper com

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way are included in the transportation arrangements. Delegates

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Company. A specialist in Occupational Medicine Doc

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reached Dr. Porter moved that the nomination be laid upon the


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burgh people to obtain favorable consideration for appointment of any kind

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of want of funds the Committee are only able to provide fourteen.

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high as Jim expressed it in the homely phrase of Honey


with illustrations. Edited with Notes and Addition by

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decayed theory of elimination advise not to check the

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produced vomiting like the other cases but without any appre

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gents are hurtful but it muft be mixed wrth Collyrla. When

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DENT suggested that the last case should be referred to the Morbid

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which the animal may make no noise although put to severe

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irritable upper lip and alse nasi thick thorax contracted

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hybridizations the tumor age was very early and was probably

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or trios and have heard that before the triangle came into

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which beats rapidly and there may be at first a distressing palpitation

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The morbid appearances vary somewhat with the length of time which

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between the lower fi agments. One ligature was applied and two

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to produce a really valuable work of the character of that now under

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There had been but seven or eight deaths but having all occurred in

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director or an blunt object it becomes eas to separate the cartilaginous

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It must not however be supposed that disease as exhibited

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since bade adieu to the elementary tuition of the schools and have

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spores. The inoculation of rabbits with pure cultivations of

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writers compreliends mere high temperature of the atmosphere

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eration has not been established at the present time. Prowazek could not confirm

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the ganglia and in the neurilemma of the nerve fibres

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The air of the ocean and high mountains is richer in ozone than

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plasterers hairdressers workers in rags or wool. A very definite form

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Hodgen J. T. Effects of Compressed Air upon the Human Body

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known as chloracne due to suppuration of the follicular glands.

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the French set a good example in this matter. Nothing he

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