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is supplied in single dose ampoules of 0.04 Cm. and 0.06 Cm.,

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carcasses in Chicago, it will be seen, are fully 8 cents a pound lower

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that similar changes also occur in coccus and other infections. Herx-

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as walkinsr several times in one direction, then in another, touchiiii: cer-

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collapsed pulmonary alveoli grade into normal lung tissue. Hilic lymph-

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remaining 12 said "Yes." One of the latter, Bellevue Hospital,

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Suzuki, T., Burrows, M. T., and Burns, J. E., Studies on the growth of cells

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zation of the intimal lining of the arterioles, medial

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was preceded always by the formation of a definite membrane over the

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h..,-,rt Son..- v..ars a-.'o Starlin-.' an.l Knoulton ' .-sa.nin.-.l tl

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L'lii. per cent, .\fler daiiia'_'c to the kidney, as in nephritis, or in loni: staiid-

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appreciate the many things she has done for all of us,

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who attends to the sealing of the tank, as hereinafter described.

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cattle. Four others, which at first caused only local lesions, became

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be discovered. (See PI. III.) The Bureau requires this inspector

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appropriate daily dosage. In a subsequent report by

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