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Morbid impressions of the special senses may, it is said, result in the
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and I'll tell you a sure secret to make your fortune ; use all
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musicians will occur to the reader in this connection.
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than is generally supposed, seeing that, unless complete and prolonged,
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The following table shows the relative frequency in my experience
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meets, and tends to encroach upon that of the other ; where the cylinders
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Middle Ages of Europe : "In its opinion the earth, the air,
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points of comedones. I should add that Virchow and Rindfleiseh trace
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their intermission and reproduction at will, by pressure on the main nerve-
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nounced in the cells of the anterior horns, especially the internal group ;
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has a toxic action on the organism; a view recently discussed by
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etiological factors, which, however, have not yet been discovered, though
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guttural, and occasionally indistinct. These children are very imitative,
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Causes. — The disease is one of childhood, or of early adult life ; and
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accompany this condition, and laryngoscopy examination during the spasm
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the arthritis is a less prominent feature of rheumatism, the association
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touching and dislocating parts of the balance, the hands are never
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Therapie der Hautkrankheiten, 1897. — 17. Meneau. Annates de derm, et syph.
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proficient, but they are never excellent. With the vice of busy idleness
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near the balance case, and is weighed. A platinum vessel cools
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disease may be transferred from the scalp to adjacent parts in the form
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" gormandising " ; but I knew a picture of Christian in the Valley of Death,
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get a swollen, semi-transparent aspect; and are very blue, often waxy,

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