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Symptoms relating to the Nervous System. — The nervous system is
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pre-existing cells of the tissue — connective, endothelial* and epithelial
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rate of blood stream, the altered disposal of the corpuscles in the stream,
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is harsh, dry, and scaly, it is sometimes desirable to use an emollient;
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vigour to support an outdoor life, and all the more serious complications
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are of the greatest interest to us. They are all under the powerful
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Calcareous infiltration occurs in process of time in abnormal or
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described, the other changes can also be carried out.
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For a long time these experiments bore little fruit. At length Behring
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plained was altogether imaginary, as the catalogue of medical graduates
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16. On consultation it was thought best to try carbon. R. PuW.
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the strap-button upon the plate or expansion which supports the pad,
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diffusion, and by offering more chances of ectanthropic infection. In
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complaint was extremely gratifying, and induced me to persevere until
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bacteriological cause of relapsing fever seems to have been made out, that
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Martin does not fall into the error of applying this scheme to all
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rotuniDg the bowel both permanently and completely during the time of
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Tetanus may occur in any person of either sex, at any age ; it may
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what must be considered as excretory destructive powers on their part.
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be complete if it did not offer some information on the elements of this
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characterised by the presence of the aforesaid bacillus, is so complicated
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the Peruvian race. He afterwards showed the sculls to Dr. Spurzheim,
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be returned. It must be carefully cleansed after use each time. Nu-
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is known as the Alpenstich. In Italy and France and adjacent countries
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Prior, for instance, found them in the diarrhoeic stools of cholera nostras,
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plan, though painless, is a little tedious. Incisions are extremely painful,
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and occasionally also from the blood and from more distant organs,
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cated, but alcoholic stimulation appears to be of less value than in typhus.
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every case more or less congested and inflamed. . . . The inflammation
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be mentioned; they possess rather more equable climates than the
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or sentence, and within shall be enclosed the autnor's name and place of residence. The same device
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facts show the old belief that plague prevails only in marshy and
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that it there acts on the ganglion cells, increasing their excitability and
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fibrils, which may be regarded as part of the matrix, undergo dissocia-
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Boils; Carbuncles. — The most satisfactory diet when these disorders
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wool to cover both chest and back, a poultice jacket, safety pins, linseed
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The coolness of evening, and the extreme heat of noon-time, should,
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in calling the attention of the profession to this subject, as the disputes
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applied b^ (he Committee. The primary adjustment of the truss is
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