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This subject would be a comparatively easy one if the

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feed less and allow plenty of exercise. For immediate relief

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delay. In cases retained for more than a few hours in a casualty

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present in large amounts in a hemolytic serum cause a marked

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tion that relaxes the sutured tendon and thus not put any strain on

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and ramifications for I have selected only those modes and

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principles may be said to have died a natural death and we can

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ology and Hygiene in the Collec e of Physicians and

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there is no dominating idea or feeling but in which there is complete

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profession. It is remarkable that twelve such volumes can be

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President of the American Association of Genito Urinary Surgeons.

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percentage of eyes having sustained such injuries are to be saved.

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ducted by subjecting rabbits and dogs to the acid fumes in order to

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It incumbent to collect all the information in my power respecting the

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is by no means necessarily fatal as several cases of per

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This grinding was also done in the tuberculin he gave us in

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horse the bladder and other small glands. Below the rectum

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more dignified cause of break down than midnight suppers

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many of them have been inspected by himself and that they have

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that may be expected can only be obtained by totally sacrificing the

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opry angiography is of no real value in diagnosing con

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rounded by so much gliar tissue that it almost resembles the

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produced by burning. In view of the entire lack of proper hygienic

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As soon as the inflammation is removed the wound is treated in

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ing contracted pupils spasmodic twitching of the eyelids and slow

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in their soft tissues and osseous tissue. These tumours were

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found himself in a dilemma. Dr Stirling of Perth who was

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slough formed and separated leaving an ulcer fourteen

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irrigations yet a specialist had insisted that unlcsa the

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