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bone and joint tuberculosis, and arrives at the conclusion
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London ; Dr. A. Ruffer, London ; Mr. K. Roberts, Darrmgton ; Mr. E.
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During the next two days the swelling decreased in superficial extent.,
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follows :—** When a change in the extent of the district of a medical
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—President: W. Henderson, M.D. Vice-President: E. J.
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Hall, and Gateshead; scarlet fever in Swansea; whooping-cough in
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on meningeal haemorrhage. There was a decided increase of
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brae, though there can be no reason why tubercles should not
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In addition to a hall for meetings, it contains a residence for
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and Halifax, Leeds, and Sheffield. Such an inquiry, in-
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the abdomen by Langenbuch's incision in the right linea
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£-25,(X)0 (the moiety of the £50,000 bequeathed to the Mission-
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Dr. J. Desmond Mc(^arthy, C.M.G., Chief Medical Officer of the Gold
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was a boy, aged 14, who had fallen on to a crowbar, which
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vaccinia. The whole course and characters of this non-vesi-

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