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accustomed to epileptic fits does not recognise at once as wholly different.
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was lost and it was not until the patient presented herself with the subse-
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lition weakens the cardiac walls and leads to dilatation of the ventricles. Lees
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quite deeijlj' into the tissues. An angry-looking red areola extends
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the College at a meeting of the Court of Examiners on
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X-rays. — X-rays and radium have been used with varying success, but
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matter the spherical, thence his deductions proceed, rising with
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Read at the June meeting of the Kentucky Slate Medical Societj 1894.
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gitation." To give chloral hydrate in doses so large as forty
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elaborates upon a protein diet more sugar than could be accounted for l)y
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Gray and Dr. J. B. Brov.-n. Respiration was now very laboured, and accom-
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neuritis. The inflammatory destruction was always most intense
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denly to the East or West Indies, to Africa, or South America, ask
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:and the influence of venous obstruction on h.Tmorrhage is
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light upon the etiology of dysentery, and that he has furnished no statistics
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*'■";■'■' ""■ '-'•''.■' "■nirli>.mn,., > l„ -, u.,und .l„,ulj ivwiw >,„„,■ .u li^ .
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article. I began its use about eighteen months ago, and I have
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chyma of the lungs, but sometimes develop in the cavity of the pleura,
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and a pronounced odor of butyric acid, containing reduced bile
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zovirax 200 prix maroc
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the formation of uric acid calculi, and the familiar phenomena of gout.
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a physician living who does not echo the sentiment of the man who
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The Blood. The blood picture in chronic pancreatitis depends upon
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After death, it was found that the transverse colon was invagi-
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Dr. Eardli:y Holland said, that although the true significance of the
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quent visits to dairies having untested herds, in order that they
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obesity, while that of the lower limbs and particularly of the thighs
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judged of by the fact that a peasant who had entered a village
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when he used it the catheter broke in two pieces, for it
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Dk. L. D. Bulkley, from the same committee, read a re-

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