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in the use of tuberculous birds as food. A strong argument in favour

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with those caused by injuries which are common in this region.

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and that in some cases paralytic troubles may precede the formation of

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upwards and inwards across the internal condyle. At the point where the

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vertigo was produced after which gave carb. ferri precip.

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this important subject is desirable and I recommend

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As the Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements of

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manufacture the design is not publication see sect..

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stantly at his command a reserve of strength over and above that

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The likelihood is that whatever virtue the red clover

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often higher than that immediately afterward or in other cases after

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and for removal of the tonsils a month before admission. Following the former

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were scleroses due to inflammations primarily affect

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brings the suigeons best fitted to treat these bearded

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centrated forms of alcoholic drinks. The practical conclusion if

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house fly it however differs to a slight extent both in

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normal specific gra dty of the blood the proportion of corpuscles

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to Langenbeck some other agencies probably enter into

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attached to this smaller and decomposed placenta but a point

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Assistant Surgeon vice George Ballingall Stuart M.B. appointed to

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